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Are you looking for high-quality but affordable seeds and crops solution? Green Field Seeds is a name you can trust—thousands of farmers and businesses around the world already do.

Based in India, we are a well-renowned producer and exporter of vegetable and fruit seeds, as well as field and fodder crops. Ours is a large product range that, sticking to industry standards, exudes superiority from every angle. In fact, our commitment to stick to the highest of quality values has carved us an unparalleled goodwill in the market that has fuelled our growth in the past decade, making us the #1 choice in this niche.

Since inception, the good people at Green Field Seeds was dedicated to redefine the world farming industry, making the process much more cost-effective and efficient for every kind of farmer. Our product collection includes vegetable seeds, fruit seeds, field crops and fodder crops.

Produced in technologically advanced facilities and using state-of-art practices, these agricultural inputs are of superior quality, assuring the finest outputs. Also, they promise to cut back on your on-farm costs, at the same time increase their efficiency and productivity. Additionally, if purchased in bulk, we offer our premium quality seeds and crops at a much affordable pricing.

So regardless your need and budget, as one of the leading names in this industry, we have you covered from every angle.